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Are Cloud Storage Providers The Same As Storage Service Providers?: Page 2 of 2

These systems were never designed for the dynamic needs of a
multi-tenant environment. CSPs, either on their own development efforts
or more commonly through their partnerships with cloud storage
hardware/software manufacturers, are keenly focused on the dynamic
nature of their market. Multi-tenancy is built in to most platforms, as
is ease of use, ease of scale and most importantly, cost efficiencies.

Finally, there is software enabling. Most CSPs are platforms for other
software products. You have specific applications now available that can
provide a range of services like NAS, SAN, archive and backup that
directly support a cloud initiative. In addition, a growing number of
existing applications are adding cloud support to their offerings. As is
always the case, software drives platform adoption.

This is just a quick list, there are many more differences as you get
more detailed. The important understanding is that SSPs and CSPs share
only one basic similarity. Beyond that you can drive a truck through the