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ArcMail Launches Appliance

SHREVEPORT, La. -- ArcMail Technology, a leading provider of email archiving and management technology, today announced the release of ArcMail Defender U3160. ArcMail Defender, which was recently awarded the Network Products Guide 2008 Product Innovation Award, is a stand-alone network appliance offering 16 terabytes of storage and data integrity technology that provides comprehensive archive and data management for medium to large organizations with. With the ArcMail Defender U3160, organizations can maintain important business information and intellectual property found in email communications, meet compliance and legal standards, improve productivity and reduce the burden on IT.

The ArcMail Defender U3160 now offers 16 terabytes of storage and comprehensive archive and data management so no important communication is lost. With email as the defacto means of communication today, organizations are more closely tracking the information that flows to and from the boundary,” said Todd Gates, chief executive officer of ArcMail Technology. “People really use email today as a modern day filing cabinet. There is a huge amount of intellectual property sitting in every organization’s email that just shouldn’t be deleted. Archiving is a critical piece of the business puzzle in maintaining and managing that information.”

ArcMail Technology