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And here comes the change...

Remember that just after SNW last year I blogged "The only constant is change, so stay tuned"?
Well change is here.

First off, I'd like to welcome Steve Hill to the full time staff of Network Computing. We've had him freelancing nearly full time, so now he gets benefits too.

Effective the 20th of this month, Steve will be taking over Storage and Servers. Since Steve and I work well together, and will be based in the same lab, you the reader should not feel too much pain from the trasition. And if you've read storage stuff in NWC or Storage Pipeline, then you already know who Steve is. A bang-up writer with an excellent grasp of the space. We're lucky to have him, and I'm glad he took the position.

I will be moving over to fill the (currently empty) slot of Security Editor for Network Computing. I've worked in security, and I'm particularly well versed in the App Dev security space. I'm also keenly interested in security. But I'll be learning non-stop because I've not had reason to play with some security technologies. Good stuff, and I'm really looking forward to it.

In the interim, I will be finishing up my blog series on "Really Build Your Own NAS", as I received an Adaptec SAS controler and Maxtor SAS drives yesterday from the crew at Adaptec. That's the last piece. I've got a gig of memory, the dual CPU Via motherboard, and a ratty old case that I salvaged from a dead machine. Soon, very soon, I will put all the pieces together, set it up to boot from flash, and report back to you.

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