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ADIC Adds Clariion to Disks

While much was made last month when EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) said it would resell Advanced Digital Information Corp. (Nasdaq: ADIC)
tape libraries, the other part of the deal went mostly unnoticed.

That part? ADIC would resell EMC Clariion disk arrays in its Pathlight VX disk backup appliance (see EMC to Resell ADIC Tape and StorageTek Lauds EMC-ADIC Deal ).

ADIC was seen as a big winner for landing the tape library deal, but it also hopes to cash in on the Clariion reseller end as well by using EMCs successful disk array to jumpstart its own sluggish disk backup sales.

ADIC today announced an upgraded version of the Pathlight VX first launched in December (see ADIC Upgrades Pathlight, ADIC Sticks In Some Disk, ADIC Whips Out Big Disk, and ADIC Slips a Disk into Backup). The Pathlight appliance now backs up data first to EMC Clariion ATA disks, and then offloads the data to an ADIC tape library.

By replacing an array from Adaptec Inc. (Nasdaq: ADPT) with Clariion disks, ADIC widened the range of capacity it offers. The appliance now scales from 3.8 Tbytes to 46.8 Tbytes as opposed to its previous range of 10 Tbytes to 40 Tbytes. ADIC hasn’t released complete pricing information, but a Pathlight VX with 14.4 Tbytes, dual controllers, and two years of same-day on-site service is $217,258.

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