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10 Holiday Gifts For IT Nerds

  • Buying gifts is always tricky. How do you know what someone would really like? Do you wind up buying a gift certificate and feeling like a gift-giving failure? Well, we're here to help you avoid that fate, at least for the IT nerds on your holiday list.

    You know that run-of-the-mill gifts won't cut it with those who troubleshoot outages and keep the network humming along. Here you'll find unique and fun items that are sure to appeal to those who live and breathe technology. Our collection runs the gamut from nerdy T-shirts and Star Wars-themed gifts to practical gadgets.

    You'll find more expensive items for that special someone as well as economical gifts that are appropriate for office gift exchanges or stocking stuffers. Maybe you'll see something to add to your own wish list. Consider treating yourself for a job well done this year!

    Don't wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping. You don't really want to deal with those obnoxious shopping mall crowds, do you? Or pay hefty shipping fees for last-minute online purchases? Check out our nerdy holiday gift guide and get your holiday shopping done!

    (Image: gpointstudio/Shutterstock)

  • There's no place like home doormat

    The high-tech version of Dorothy's refrain in "The Wizard of Oz," placed most appropriately on a doormat. You can also choose a pillow with the phrase that's sure to warm an IT nerd's heart.

  • Laptop sleeve

    This gift features not just one, but two of IT pros' favorite internet memes: cats and bacon. So how can you miss with this neoprene laptop sleeve featuring a bacon-surfing tabby in space?

  • Networking engineer T-shirt

    For network engineers and other IT pros, dealing with clueless users is one of the more exasperating aspects of work. This T-shirt tells it all.

  • Light saber chopsticks

    What self-respecting nerd can resist these? Even if he or she already has vast collection of Star War-themed stuff, these light saber chopsticks are pretty special.

  • Lighted WiFi T-shirt

    Here's a fun one for wireless networking pros: A LED T-shirt that lights up WiFi connection signals depending on sound frequency. The battery and control box is designed to fit into a small interior pocket of the shirt. Perfect for entertaining co-workers, and especially all those times you want to hit the dance floor!

  • Smart suitcase

    For IT pros who live on the road, this Bluesmart carry-on suitcase would make a great gift. It features a smartphone charger, a TSA-approved digital lock, and weight sensors so you don't have to guess whether it meet airline weight limits. A cool feature is global location tracking so you always know where your bag is. This one is the most expensive item on our list at $449.

  • Unique USB charger

    A USB charger wouldn’t ordinarily be high on someone's holiday wish list, but this one makes for an especially practical gift. The SnapPower Charger allows you to convert an outlet cover plate into a USB chargers, leaving all outlets free for use. No wires or batteries required.

  • Circuit board necktie or scarf

    For an engineer or computer scientist who wants to make a fashion statement, it doesn't get much better than this necktie with a circuit board print. A similar print is available on an infinity scarf.

  • Activity tracker

    We all can use a little encouragement to step away from the computer. The slim Fitbit Flex 2 not only tracks steps but laps in the pool (it's waterproof) and sleep quality.