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Computer: Heal Thyself

Good Morning.

As a fan of comics, I've always loved the character of Wolverine and his amazing mutant healing factor -- his body able to self-repair the most egregious of wounds. Now, word has it that IBM is looking to build a PC with a similar "super" ability -- repairing itself with little or no human intervention. reported today that IBM announced plans to create a separate division, called Autonomic Computing, that will focus on creating self-doctoring machines. The unit also will work on standardizing those efforts to work with software programs from other companies.

I'm sure we will be hearing alot of opinions on this as more develops. I can see home users very happy not having to drag their PCs to Comp USA for repairs. Alternatively, I can see alot of very unhappy IT folks sitting around nervously, while machines diagnose themselves and fix what's ailing them. ~Tom LaSusa, Site Editor/Producer