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Cloud Security; HP's Enterprise Strategy

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TOP STORY: Wolfe's Den Interview: Pacific Labs CIO Talks Cloud Computing Security

MORE NEWS: Global CIO: Why Hewlett-Packard Must Articulate Its Enterprise Strategy

ANALYTIC REPORT: Cloud Computing: Platform As A Service

WHITEPAPER: Innovative Thinking Benefits Your Data Center

BLOG: Ballmer: Windows 7 Adoption A Matter Of When, Not If

WEBCAST: Future of Online Interaction: The Emotional Experience and BIRT

RESOURCES: InformationWeek 500: Navigating The Boardroom

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 Tuesday, Oct 6, 2009 


"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."
-- Emile Zola 


Wolfe's Den Interview: Pacific Labs CIO Talks Cloud Computing Security

Jerry Johnson, chief information officer of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, offers insights into cloud security, the war on cybercrime, and the expansion of the perimeter.

RELATED INSIGHTS, Cisco Team Up On Cloud Offering
Cloudera Launches Desktop Interface


Global CIO: Why Hewlett-Packard Must Articulate Its Enterprise Strategy

Mark Hurd has cranked up HP's operational excellence but HP has yet to reveal an equally compelling external strategy to the world: what is HP's core strength? What does HP do best?

Federal Taskforce To Focus On Cybersecurity Metrics

Cross-agency taskforce will emphasize cybersecurity outcomes over compliance, says federal CIO Kundra

Chip Market Turnaround Unlikely In 2009

The semiconductor industry has done a better job managing inventory than in the 2001 economic crisis, said Gartner.

Smartphones Fill Med School Prescription

The University of Louisville School of Medicine finds that smartphones give students faster access to health information, and more face-time with patients.

AT&T Intros Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphones

The HTC Pure and Tilt 2 offer deep Exchange integration for mobile e-mail, contacts, and calendaring.

Mercedes-Benz Launches iPhone App

Customers using the app can make car payments and view account information from iPhones and iPod Touches.

Federal Register Made Available In XML Format

With the introduction of an XML edition, the official journal of the U.S. government should be easier to access and use, while third parties will be able to apply the information in new ways.

FTC Rules Require Bloggers To Disclose Payments

Bloggers who accept payment for posts must now disclose their relationship with sponsors.

IBM In Software, Services Buys

Big Blue completes SPSS takeover and announces deal for mortgage processor Wilshire.

Windows 7 Leaked To eBay

Sellers are using the online auction house to hawk Microsoft's new operating system weeks before official release -- but buyer beware.


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  Find out when Windows 7 will be right for your Enterprise. If you're weighing whether or not to migrate to Microsoft's new operating system, then be sure to check out InformationWeek's Business Case For Windows 7.




Cloud Computing: Platform As A Service

Web application development is moving to online platforms. This report explores the leading vendors and development environments for online development, and some of the trade-offs that are required.

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Featured Report

What's Next For HP?

CIO Randy Mott led the charge to transform the way Hewlett-Packard builds, delivers, and manages its own IT. Now the company should leverage those achievements to help CIOs everywhere become drivers of growth.

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Featured Report


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Innovative Thinking Benefits Your Data Center

See how consolidation, automation, server virtualization and more can enable companies to be more efficient and effective. Plus you'll see how Green IT can make a difference over your entire data center.
Download Now

Regain Control of Power and Real Estate Costs in Your Data Center

Inefficent power and space usage in data centers wastes both money and energy - and it's a universal problem. In this research, you will see what issues are contributing to this situation, and get recommendations for more effecient data centerdesign.
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Featured Blogger

Ballmer: Windows 7 Adoption A Matter Of When, Not If

Posted By John Foley

Steve Ballmer seems confident that businesses will adopt Windows 7. Of course, three years ago, Microsoft's CEO was sure that companies would deploy Vista, and look how that played out. Will he be right this time?


Will Consumers Pay-Out-Of-Pocket For Online Healthcare?

Posted by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

If you suspect your extra-cranky baby has an ear infection on a Saturday afternoon, but his doctor isn't back in the office till Monday, a walk-in clinic--like the kind springing up in places such as retail pharmacy chains--can be a convenient place to get the ear checked. But if it's the middle of the night, what do you do?

End User End Game for UC

Posted By Fritz Nelson

One of the most difficult challenges of Unified Communications has been getting end users to buy in and use the systems. In our final whiteboard tutorial, we discuss getting rogue users and resisters to leverage the technology.

What The? Latest Mobile Backup Service Offered By Best Buy

Posted By Eric Zeman

Best Buy has decided to take on a bigger role in the mobile landscape, though I am not sure who's going to go for this. Today, Best Buy has announced a service that is similar to My Phone from Microsoft or MobileMe from Apple: mIQ will backup end user smartphones and store up to 1GB of data in the cloud.

Selecting A Storage Protocol For Virtualized Servers

Posted By George Crump

In our last entry we discussed selecting the right storage foundation and I advised that you may want to initially ignore what protocol to use. That said, part of building a storage foundation for server virtualization is selecting the protocol.


Future of Online Interaction: The Emotional Experience and BIRT

Join our featured guest, Forrester Principal Analyst Ron Rogowski, as he examines the future of online user experience. Seema Haji, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Actuate, will discuss the latest RIA technologies and strategies that will help you get ahead of these trends regardless of your industry. It happens October 15, 2009 -- 11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET
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InformationWeek 500: Navigating The Boardroom

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