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Microsoft Aims To Grow HPC Market With HPC Server R2: Page 2 of 2

While hundreds of the R2 beta have been downloaded since its release earlier this year, Microsoft says its Technical Computing group, under which HPC falls, has been working closely with around 30 companies. Staff have been going onsite to these customers for a week at a time to understand what's going on, how they use HPC.

One of the early adopters is Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center. A public/private partnership intended to foster economic development in Montana, the center has used all three versions of Windows HPC Server and gave glowing reviews to the latest release. "Things are just significantly better," says Earl Dodd, executive director. "Our experience with the beta was improving exponentially over time." He says R2 allows the center to break down the classic barriers to HPC or supercomputing and to grow the number and type of users, helping "mere mortals that sit in small businesses remain competitive and do the kinds of things they couldn't do before."

Dodd believes it's very important for small and midsize enterprises to expand their horizons and be able to make use of the larger amounts of available data. "If you don't compute, you don't compete."