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The Machine Learning Era Has Arrived

Earlier this month ServiceNow released the results of a survey it ran to better understand the state of machine learning in businesses today. The survey questioned 500 CIOs across 11 countries and 25 industries, providing a broad brush on the opinions of machine learning (ML). Let's take a look at some of the more interesting findings from the survey.

  • Eighty-nine percent of respondents stated they are using machine learning in their organization. Drilling down on that number, 40% are in the research and planning phase, 26% are piloting, 20% are using it in some areas of the business, and 3% are using machine learning across the business. Although the majority are still in the research or piloting phase, it's certainty a positive that so many IT leaders consider ML a core part of their go-forward strategy.
  • What CIOs are doing with machine learning is quite varied. Sixty-eight percent are using it to automate repetitive tasks, which is an ideal "dip your toe in the water" use case for it, as it's easy to measure the before and after. Fifty-four percent are looking at having machine learning make complex decisions, and 40% to recognize data patterns. Also, 32% are using it to establish links between events, 32% for supervised learning, and 31% for making predictions. Some examples of where to apply machine learning are approving loan documents, tracking contract expiration dates, and creating individual health plans.
  • To no surprise, security operations is the area where machine learning is most highly penetrated and expected to see the largest amount of growth.

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