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HPE and Transamerica Open Their Cloud Transformation Playbooks

(Source: Pixabay)

Going to the cloud has meant tightening up IT resources while also scaling up for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Transamerica. During a panel discussion held at the Infosys Americas Leadership Forum in New York, the companies shared some of their experiences leveraging cloud resources as part of their respective ongoing transformation of IT and operations.

The panel explored how developing a cloud transformation playbook to go digital can help enterprises respond faster to the market and change. Ravi Kumar, president of Infosys, moderated the live portion of the discussion with Rashmi Kumar, CIO of global IT with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and George Vega, CTO for Transamerica Workplace Solutions.

Rashmi Kumar said while the HPE brand might evoke legacy tech to some, the company in recent years has been focusing on edge-to-cloud platform as a service, including bringing cloud to the edge in such use cases as connected cars, patients in hospitals, or on oil rigs. She said that bringing about internal transformation requires some rethinking and reworking of the infrastructure the enterprise operates with.

Though it can seem daunting reexamining a technology footprint that might have served more than 200 client companies, going through cloud transformation can lead to opportunities to drive new efficiencies. “That’s where the decision point came around to cleaning up the technical debt in our core,” Rashmi Kumar said, “because the core pieces are how you do auto management, how do you do supply chain, logistics, and transportation?”

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