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HP Articulates Application Migration With Instant-On

HP Tuesday unveiled a series of products and services to help enterprises manage the growing influence of information technology in their organizations now and into the future. The consulting offerings address issues such as application transformation, information optimization, security and hybrid delivery of IT in private clouds, public clouds or on-premise systems. Instant-on also furthers HP's strategy to pull together products and services from across it's broad portfolio delivery IT solutions from consulting to implementation rather than point products.

HP calls this new initiative "Instant-On Enterprise" computing that recognizes that technology is going to evolve beyond just helping to administer the business, but is going to be the innovator for the business and be embedded throughout it.

Three IT megatrends are driving the "Instant-On" initiative, said Lynn Anderson, vice president of marketing for HP Enterprise Business. First is the way technology is driving new business models. For instance, a manufacturer could find that its newest competitor is someone they've never heard of, but which now follows a manufacturing-as-a-service model, in which it contracts with an outside firm to build its new product. Secondly, there are fundamental shifts in IT such as the rise of mobile computing and the increasing interconnectedness of multiple devices.

Over the next decade, as many as 2 trillion devices will have IP addresses as computers, mobile devices, appliances and sensors all connect to the Internet. Thirdly, the changing workforce will be more comfortable using technology in ways previous generations were not. For instance, social media networking helps a company incorporate feedback from partners or customers into development of products and service. There's also the increased "consumerization of IT" in the enterprise, in which employees expect to be able to use personal devices such as iPads in the enterprise and IT managers have to accommodate them.

To prepare for this coming evolution of IT in the enterprise and in government agencies, HP's Instant-On initiative will focus on six areas, which are a combination of hardware, software and services, Anderson explained.

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