• 04/14/2006
    9:15 PM
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Pen Fights ID Theft?

You know identity theft has gone mainstream when pen manufacturer Uni-ball launches an ad campaign touting a high-security ink designed to fight ID fraud....

The advertising cites an estimate from the National Check Fraud Center that says check washing costs Americans $815 million a year. Sounds really official, right? However, it appears the Web site for the National Check Fraud Center hasn???t been updated since at least 1999. This doesn???t invalidate the statistics, but it seems to me that Uni-ball is willing to fan the flames of anxiety with anything that comes to hand.

Of course advertisers routinely rely on fear to sell products. It???ll be interesting to see how much traction Uni-ball gets with this tactic. It would be even more interesting if this starts a security arms race in office supplies. Hey Bic, how about two-factor-authentication ball points?

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