• 03/26/2004
    4:30 PM
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P2P Blocking

Reader Mark Cook says, "Parents like me who despise these file-sharing 'services' look forward to the day when ISPs will be truly able to block P2P files."

Spam Be Damned

I enjoyed reading Mike Lee's column "Spam Rules" (Dec. 9, 2003).

Customers deserve at least some of the blame for the proliferation of spam. If you don't like spam, don't buy anything from a spam e-mail. If everyone followed this rule, spam wouldn't exist. Buyers of the products it promotes give spammers income and incentive to generate even more junk e-mail.

The spam situation is similar to illegal drug dealing in that demand is a huge part of the problem. But at least the drug buyers are held accountable. The same can't be said of spam customers.

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