• 03/24/2006
    12:24 PM
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Net Neutrality Nonsense

For the past few weeks, my partner in crime, Preston Gralla, has bombarded you poor folk with his diatribe on Net Neutrality. He's referred to AT&T and other carriers as running a " Soprano-like business model". He's warned you how...

In the end, the FCC may well need to enact legislation to protect underserved populations, much as its always done with telecom services. The FBI has used CALEA as the means of gaining access to ISP infrastructure for security purposes. Perhaps the FCC should have a similar means to spot-check service providers' fair practices.

Regardless, that doesn't mean doing away with differentiated Internet access services. The industry needs differentiated services and need it badly. There's nothing so unfair as the fair treatment of unequals

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