• 07/23/2003
    7:30 PM
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More Beaver Tales

More Beaver Tales LightSand and SANcastle hooking up?; QLogic's nuclear sub deal; the latest on Ellison's storage venture
If it's not the heat, it's the friggin' humidity. And now, after weeks of being one very sweaty beaver, I got soaked to the bone yesterday by a torrential rainstorm. Good thing I was carrying my waterproof notepad. Trust me, no beaver leaves home without one.

So anyway, despite the usual summertime where-the-hell-is-everybody slowdown, I've had several interesting (and odorous) items chucked into my bungalow. Keep 'em coming, people. You know where to find me:

Dear Bob the Beaver,

I heard LightSand Communications Corp. is interested in buying or merging with SANcastle Technologies Inc. Know anything?

SAN In My Shorts


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