• 10/24/2003
    5:00 AM
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Letters: Sun Licenses; NAS; Lab Environment

"Through our documented lab practices, we were able to push our service provider to follow our guidelines." --J. Buton
Into the Light

The article "Justify My Lab" (Sept. 25, 2003) helps take labs out of the dark ages. Well done!

I manage a well-funded and well-staffed "development and testing environment"--aka a lab. This is one of the most difficult positions I have ever held. As your story says, maintaining support for a lab requires continuous justification, and the lab is often the first place management considers when cuts need to be made.

But because my team takes great care to document our environment and changes, we have been able to publish our findings and establish best practices. We continually strive to improve and add services, such as code migration, infrastructure consulting, database tuning and administration. We've even been able to influence some production changes and push our service provider to follow our guidelines and best practices.
J. Buton
Development & Testing Hosting Services
Company name withheld by request; Dublin, Ohio

NAS No-Shows?
Thanks for your article on the "First-Class NAS" (August 21, 2003). You mentioned some other network-attached storage products, such as those from Network Appliance and RaidZone. Why were those products not tested?
Bronson Yi
CAD/Unix System Administrator, Intermec Technologies Corp.

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