• 04/23/2014
    4:50 PM
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Infrastructure Challenge: Build Your Community

Network Computing provides the platform; help us make it your community.

Today you'll notice that Network Computing looks drastically different. We've relaunched the site with a new design on a different content management platform. Hopefully, what you notice most is the quantity of faces and voices and how easy it is to add your own to the mix.

We'll continue to provide blogs on new and emerging infrastructure technologies, real-world advice on implementation and operations, and practical strategies for improving IT skills. The experts you know and trust -- authors like Ethan Banks, Howard Marks, Lee Badman, and Greg Ferro -- will still offer up great advice. But they will be joined by a whole range of new bloggers, and we are actively seeking even more participants from among our readership.

Blogging is only the beginning. Our content will include video, cartoons, infographics, and multimedia events. And a great deal of the value of the community will grow, not from the content we publish, but from the discussion that develops around that content, and the connections community members can make with one another as a result.


We're also partnering with Interop, InformationWeek, and Dark Reading to give you access to more content and more contacts than ever before. Many of our authors are speakers and track chairs for the Interop conference. Our new design has dedicated Interop sections highlighting Interop-specific content. Through our interactive platform, community members can learn from these industry leaders and contribute their own ideas to ongoing discussions all year long.

The community builds on our longstanding relationship with InformationWeek, as well. You'll see that Network Computing's content has been reorganized and merged with the Infrastructure section of InformationWeek, combining two of the web's best resources for IT professionals. We'll also continue to partner with InformationWeek to produce our digital issues, Tech Digests, webcasts, and research reports. In addition, our sister site Dark Reading is providing in-depth security coverage and analysis.

Welcome to the new Network Computing. This is your community, so get involved. We look forward to talking with you, working with you, and learning from you.

We're waiting for your feedback; comment below or email me.


Site looks fabulous!

Looks like you are off to great start..

Re: Site looks fabulous!

I agree you Marilyn, network computing is altogether a huge concept of different nodes working together in network. Curious to learn and unzip the hidden facts of network.

Re: Site looks fabulous!

Thanks, Aditshar1 and Marilyn. I am looking forward to exploring all the complexities of the subject matter with you in the days and months to come!

Re: Site looks fabulous!

Networking is like a sea....deeper deeper and deeper....

Re: Site looks fabulous!

It's wonderful to have a vendor-neutral, news and analysis-focused site where like-minded professionals and those interested in networking can get together to discuss the latest news, trends, and rumors reshaping the industry. Look forward to seeing how the community grows, especially the contributing blogs you get from experts around the industry. Congrats and ongoing success, Susan and team!

Re: Site looks fabulous!

Alison, thanks for checking out the site! We have some fantastic contributors lined up already, so stay tuned :)

Much better

I especially like that content is open to anyone and that logins are optional. 

Time to contribute!!

Re: Much better

Definitely agree that ease of access to content is a big benefit. 

If only the new IETF standard for online delivery of bacon were farther along...

Re: Site looks fabulous!

I should also admit that new look of the site is much better, I am also glad to be a author and moderator on the NWC.