• 01/05/2016
    6:00 AM
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Hottest Tech Jobs Of 2016

If finding a new job in 2016 is among your New Year's resolutions, look no further than these tech positions in the most demand.


Secure your future

To me the best area to get into would be information systems security. With all the problems that are taking place with terrorism and hacking, this would be THE in-demand area. You could work in health care to keep HIPPA data secure, banks to keep customer accounts secure, military, government, FBI, etc. The fields are endless. And it looks to be a most interesting and challenging field. 

Re: Secure your future

Thanks for weighing in here @tjgkg, and I agree -- information security is definitely hot and has a lot of opportunity. It seems organizations are finally realizing they need dedicated security pros on staff.

Re: Secure your future

@tjgkg   I agree.  But it has yet to be seen if companies will actively hire those with little experience in security.   As you know, it is not something most techies do primarily and from my experience - securing your network is not enough for some of these very picky companies.

For the record, I don't think companies can afford to be too picky, if someone wants to do security earnestly, then by all means give them a chance. 

Re: Secure your future

I agre with that but companies are unrealistic in so many hiring processes. Then they complain they can't find qualified candidates. I guess the way around this is to get a certification in IT Security or something to that effect. It should at least get a foot in the door.

Re: Secure your future

Right, many times the requirements companies list for positions are unrealistic; no one person could meet them all.

Re: Secure your future

@Marcia    So true.   I see and experience this all the time.  And usually these companies have no intention on compensating fairly for the skills one does bring to the table.  

It really is frustrating and disheartening.

Re: Secure your future

Right @ClassC, there's that tendency for companies to want it all but not pay for it. 

Re: Secure your future

Good to see Network jobs in high demand, although important is what kind of experience they will be looking for and what kind of transformation will be involved in roles and responsibilities.

Re: Secure your future

@tjgkg    I think that is a good solution, certifications at least show a level of commitment.   Something to show a person is serious at least.

Tech Positions and The Always Important Hourly Rate

Thanks Susan for this listing of tech positions in most demand for 2016.  I really find it helpful to see the median hourly rate for each of these.

Big Data

We saw good hype for Big Data, but eventually did not saw much of jobs for them. Hope SDN do not go this way.