• 04/28/2003
    5:56 PM
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Don't Panic. Plan

Connecting to the Internet means exposing your network to attackers, from script kiddies to skilled black hats. But the situation is not as dire as you might believe. We consulted

Vulnerabilities by Error class
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Thanks to ISS; the NIST ICAT team; Johannes Ullrich, CTO for the Internet Storm Center; CAIDA; and the Bugtraq community for supplying data and answering (often numerous) questions during the preparation of this article.

Mike fratto is a senior technology editor based in Network Computing's Syracuse University Real-World Labs®; he covers all security-related topics. Prior to joining this magazine, Mike worked as an independent consultant in central New York. Write to him at

Post a comment or question on this story. When you connect to the Internet, you are going to be scanned and attacked--but you can fight back and win. The key: Be consistent and methodical in your response. Keep current on patching, implement sound network-configuration practices, and keep up to date on current dangers. These organizations can help:

• CAIDA: The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis is a group of commercial, government and research entities working to build a robust and scalable global Internet infrastructure.

• ICAT Metabase: A searchable index on computer vulnerabilities, ICAT provides very granular search capabilities and links to vulnerabilities and patch information.

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