• 01/17/2007
    4:25 PM
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BlackBerry Tips from the Field

Ok, I'm done obessing over the iPhone. Five months is a long to drool over a phone. And like other, ahem, mature technologists - I'll probably wait for the second generation (yeah, right). As I mentioned previously, I got some...

6) Manage your battery. The CDMA (like Verizon) devices eat the battery faster than GSM/GPRS (like Cingular). If you are in an area with very weak or no signal, "turn wireless off". Otherwise it constantly sends hunts for a signal, and you will go dead in less than a day. With my old Cingular unit, I could to on a five day trip with no charger, if I don't use the phone much. The Verizon unit is good for maybe 3 days.

7) If people know you have a BB, they will expect you to answer. You will need to get used to that. I send messages to people I know have one at work, and don't hear back for over a day. Drives me nuts. Not worth having if you don't use it. Keep it on your belt, not in your bag!

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