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7 Tips For Starting a New Job Successfully

You've landed that new IT job, now you just need to know what to do in the first three months to cement your employment.
Congratulations. You have accepted a new position. All that work in your job search has paid off handsomely. Take a breather. But not for too long as it's time to switch gears.

Your next objective is to integrate yourself into the new organization. Here are seven steps to making it happen:

  1. Day One: Maintain Old Contacts
    Start off by saying sending out 'thank yous.' Contact all the people who helped you get the new position. Often people don't make this effort because they feel they'll be in the new job for a long time. But today, when the average American changes jobs every four years, the odds say you're going to change jobs again soon. You need to keep the network alive.

  2. Avoid "Big Projects" The First Three Months
    On your second day, you think: "Here comes a big project! I'll take this one on and really impress them." This is a mistake that many people make in the first three months of employment. It's critical that you acquire knowledge about the system and the people. You cannot comprehend the implications yet of certain decisions you make. Your company isn't going to expect you to know everything in the first couple of weeks. Take your time to learn how things work.

  3. Get To Know The Stakeholders
    These are those people who have a huge stake in your success. And they don't necessarily have a fancy title. Find out who they are. Ask for their support and offer yours to them. Start the bonding process.

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