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Zotob Worm Is Bad But It's Not Sasser or MSBlast

The Zotob bot attacks may be among the biggest of 2005, but they aren't anywhere near the level of last year's Sasser, security and Web performance monitoring companies said Wednesday.

While some reports have been comparing this week's bot outbreak -- which attacks unpatched Windows 2000 PCs -- as similar to 2004's Sasser blitz or the even bigger MSBlast incident in 2003, experts are saying "hold the phone."

According to Moscow-based anti-virus vendor Kaspersky Labs, the attack that has affected nearly 200 enterprises was caused by the Bozori bot, which also goes by names such as Zotob.f and Tpbot.a. But there's no Internet-wide epidemic.

"There has not been any noticeable increase in network activity which could be ascribed to this worm," said Kaspersky in an e-mail alert.

"During the Sasser epidemic in May 2004, Sasser caused an increase in network traffic of approximately 20 to 40 percent. At the moment, there are no signs of a similar increase," the alert continued.

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