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Xerox Adds Content Mgmt. Apps

PHILADELPHIA -- Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) is helping organizations cut wasteful spending by combating cost consuming paper-driven work processes with two new DocuShare enterprise content management (ECM) offerings.

Xerox’s DocuShare Virtual Filing System reduces the need for physical filing cabinets and gives workers immediate access to the information they require. The system includes a document storage assessment, scanning technology, software, set up and user training. Once paper archives are uploaded into the virtual filing system’s drawers, documents can be searched by name, category and type.

The offering draws upon Xerox’s expertise of turning paper documents into digital content. DocuShare has helped many organizations make the transition, including:

• California’s Manteca Unified School District eliminated 200 filing cabinets by using DocuShare to digitally store documents, freeing classroom space and saving an estimated $300,000 in storage costs.

• U.S. Pretrial Services in Los Angeles, a division of the U.S. District Court, used DocuShare to reduce paper by 50 percent, while eliminating 12 filing cabinets full of hard copy documents. The solution allows employees to instantly access critical legal case file information.

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