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XDS Adds Desktop Virtualization

DURHAM, N.C. -- XDS, Inc., a privately held company targeting the digital virtualization market, today announced the general availability of the SIMtone VDU™ enterprise service. The SIMtone VDU service is designed to securely deliver corporate desktops to employees as an on-demand, highly-scalable “digital dial tone” service, seamlessly on the enterprise network or the Internet.

The full featured SIMtone VDU enterprise service offering provides many new capabilities including, local printing support via USB, automatic time zone adjustment service, and plug-and-play connectivity for Windows XP or Linux virtual hosted servers. It also includes a Web proxy facility and SIMtone XAS, a 100% network provisioning and administration portal designed to allow customers to activate and manage servers, users, service features and devices.

The market for virtualization solutions is growing rapidly. According to Michael Rose, Associate Research Analyst at IDC covering Enterprise Virtualization Software: “IDC's continuing research around desktop virtualization technologies leads us to believe that there are significant opportunities within the space. XDS is one vendor within this ecosystem that we are tracking, and is one of many companies realizing success in the market.”

XDS Inc.