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www. gone byebye

And now from the department of redundancy department, I bring you, "www." Yes, that old friend, the dub dub dub, has outlived its usefulness. Actually, according to the owners of, "www" was never useful. It was a mistake to think that a URL (pronounced U-R-L not "Earl"...don't get me started) containing the protocol declaration HTTP needs a subdomain such as www to tell the server that the user is after Web stuff. The HTTP is all you need.

I'm all for simplification, and certainly my "W" key could use the rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, the validation tool used by the folks at failed to identify correctly and as being one and the same. Still, it's worth a look to see if you're domain supports the class B method of redirecting to And if you're a user, try leaving out that little letter the next time you type a url. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Alas poor www, I knew you well.