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Wireless IDS/IPS


It's two years since the IEEE ratified 802.11i, slightly less since the Wi-Fi Alliance introduced the WPA2 certification. And still, insecurity over security is hindering wireless LAN deployments--security concerns nearly tied with cost as the No. 1 barrier to adoption in our reader poll for this article; lack of a clear business justification came in third.

Not surprisingly, wireless security vendors are working hard to put enterprise IT's mind at rest. The trick is, they must address two parts of the WLAN security conundrum: infrastructure, which concerns authentication, privacy using encryption and integrity; and monitoring, which requires detection and protection, not only from attackers using wireless clients and rogue access points, but from internal factors that degrade wireless network performance.

Impact Asessment: Wireless IDS/IPS

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Wireless IDS/IPS Vendors at a Glance

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