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Web Analytics Products


Let the Shopping Begin

We identified various SU Athletics customer segments and created funnels--predetermined pathways to desired results--to track users' behavior as they bought tickets or audio subscriptions through the site. We spent time

with the professional services or presales support groups from each vendor to identify the best way to do this and to learn about other sources of information we could tap using the vendor's product. We evaluated each service based on e-commerce components, flexibility and customization of reporting tools, ease of use, customer support, and price. We found that all the online services offer good performance (for info on gathering Internet performance metrics, check out our review of Gomez Performance Network 6.0).

In testing these services, we first wanted to make sure each would handle our basic reporting requirements--path and funnel analysis; dynamic segmentation; search engine/keyword optimization; basic visit and visitor reports, including length of time on site or pages; geo-metrics, which show geographical information on visitors; and browser analysis. We also evaluated each vendor's professional services options.

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