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Wayne Rash: Where Windows XP SP2 Falls Short

By now you've been hearing a steady stream of advice telling you to upgrade your copy of Windows XP to Service Pack 2. You've read about the risks and benefits.

The big reason for moving to SP2 is to avoid the security pitfalls lurking in naked XP or even XP patched with Service Pack 1. But not all security improvements are equally important. Here's a rundown of five important things you should care about in the security offerings for SP2—and where even the best of them fall short:

1. The Security Center really works, but it doesn't do as much as it should.

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The first thing you see when you install SP2 is the Windows Security Center. This product tells you whether you have a firewall installed, anti-virus software running, and whether you have automatic updating enabled. Security Center, will tell you more about what each of these features does, and why you should want it running.

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