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Voltage Enhances Encryption

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Voltage Security, Inc., a global leader in information encryption, today announced major enhancements to Voltage SecureData, supporting more environments and platforms than ever before, including end-to-end encryption across distributed environments such as those used by retail and payment processors, as well as support for z/OS and Hardware Security Modules (HSM). As a result, Voltage customers are finding it easier to protect their data end-to-end, comply with regulations and protect sensitive customer information from the moment it is collected.

"Large structured databases have been crying out for better protection," said Trent Henry, principal analyst, Burton Group. "Although data breaches are caused by a variety of factors, improved data protection is a big piece of the solution. Unfortunately, many organizations haven't been able to improve underlying data security because it required costly application changes or coding. Customers are looking for solutions that provide protection without changes to legacy infrastructure."

Voltage Security Inc.