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VMware Exec Outlines Virtual Vision

VMware is intent on expanding its embedded presence in servers, adding tools for disaster recovery and software testing, and upping the ante on security, according to Bogomil Balkansky, VMwares senior director of product marketing.

“I truly believe that in a few years’ time, every server will be virtualized,” Balkansky said in an interview with Byte and Switch today. "Virtualization is becoming an expected capability on servers." Soon, he believes, users will no longer have the hassle of buying and deploying hypervisors on x86 servers.

VMware, of course, has a vested interest in seeing this server/hypervisor combo come to fruition, effectively tying users to its core technology. The vendor has already clinched deals with a host of server manufacturers, including Dell, IBM, HP, and Fujitsu Siemens, in what has become something of an arms race with rival Citrix/XenSource.

Last week, Dell announced plans to embed VMware’s ESXi hypervisor on a number of its PowerEdge and blade servers. HP has a similar deal to put the technology on 10 of its x86 servers, and both IBM and Fujitsu Siemens are shipping ESXi on two servers apiece.

So far, Citrix's hypervisor is available embedded in servers from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and NEC.

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