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Vivisimo Launches Velocity 5.5

PITTSBURGH -- Vivisimo (, a leading provider of enterprise search software and expertise, today introduced the Vivisimo Velocity 5.5 enterprise search platform. Velocity 5.5 brings unprecedented levels of scalability and fault tolerance to enterprises burdened with growing amounts of data and ever-changing regulatory demands. Available within 30 days, Velocity 5.5 is indicative of the inevitable shift in enterprise search from a peripheral end-user tool for business to an enterprise-strength application for the knowledge worker to harness and take control of business information.

Built for scalability, Velocity 5.5 is a milestone in the evolution of enterprise search technology, empowering customers to expand beyond the traditional limitations of departmental inquiries to enterprise-wide search without compromising reliability. As a result, Velocity 5.5 provides a dependable, usable and stable end-user search experience across all corporate departments.

As the amount of enterprise information grows by leaps and bounds, organizations storing terabytes of data clearly see the business value of expanding beyond departmental search applications," said Susan Feldman, vice president for search and digital marketplace technologies, IDC. "In an information-rich enterprise environment, search becomes the logical gateway to finding information across all data types and repositories. Because Velocity 5.5 addresses the need to scale, and searches across heterogeneous environments, it should be well received."

Vivisimo Inc.