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Viathan Dantz's Into the Spotlight

Dantz Development, which has made backup software for Windows and Macintosh platforms for the last 17 years, is about to get exciting.

This week. the little-known Orinda, California-based firm acquired Viathan Corporation, a software company focused on storage virtualization. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Forecast to have massive market potential, storage virtualization is still the hottest thing in the storage networking market today (see Virtual Reality? and Venture Capital Survey). As a result, Dantzs acquisition of Viathan puts the company firmly on the map.

In case you’ve missed the wall of hype over the last six months, virtualized storage is supposed to give users the ability to access data stored on any vendor's device, via any operating system and across any transport protocol. It’s important because it offers significant cost savings and eases management issues for companies coping with ever-expanding volumes of data.

”We’ve gone from the least sexy part of the market to the opposite end of the spectrum,” says Eric Ullman, technical marketing manager at Dantz.

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