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Verari Intros Dense Blade Platform

SAN DIEGO -- Verari Systems, a premier developer of energy efficient data center and desktop consolidation platforms utilizing independent blade-based computing and storage solutions, today announced the introduction of the BladeRack® 2 XM computing platform. The newest addition to Verari’s BR2 X-Series is the company’s densest platform yet with support for 96 blades which represents 33% additional capacity and an industry leading 768 processing cores per platform.

The unveiling of the BR2-XM platform continues Verari’s tradition of setting the standard in enterprise computing by redefining data center power efficiency and server density. The BR2-XM platform is engineered to provide a stable compute environment while eliminating CPU thermal throttling behavior. This innovative thermal management solution enables a wide range of blade options running the fastest, hottest processors at maximum performance.

“The BR2-XM platform addresses the dense computing applications in the financial market, which require more compute capacity and energy efficiency. Each trading day is a perfect storm as the volume of data increases, the sophistication of algorithms and business processes grow. With the introduction of BR2-XM, Verari Systems will continue to be the industry leader in overall performance, performance per watt and price/performance,” said David B. Wright, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Verari Systems. “The continued innovation of our blade server platforms demonstrates our ability to deliver compelling blade-based compute and storage solutions that will provide our clients investment protection for years to come.”

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