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Vanguard Deploys SGI

LAS VEGAS -- Vanguard Animation's all computer-generated (CG) movie Space Chimps, distributed by 20th Century Fox and due to open in 2,500 theaters July 18, made all deadlines with ease because of technology from SGI (NASDAQ:SGIC) and PipelineFX and the digital media expertise of SGI(R) partner Seven Group. In August 2007, realizing their white box servers were not going to be able to handle their multi-gigabyte data file rendering, Vanguard purchased the SGI Render Management Solution to deliver the highest quality images in a timely fashion.

"We purchased the SGI systems for the really big shots, the really big sequences that required massive memory and very high throughput. With the Altix servers we were able to achieve those shots and sequences in a matter of hours rather than a matter of days," said Tom Jacomb, Associate Producer, Space Chimps. "We did 1,720 shots total, and we were running about 3TB of rendering per night. Because of SGI's contributions we were able to deliver on time and on budget."