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Two Join Blade Ready

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. -- APC, a global
leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today
announced that two new industry partners recently joined the BLADE
READY(TM) program. As members of the BLADE READY program, Terascala,
a Linux hardware clustering company revolutionizing the deployment
methods of demanding clustered applications, and Force10 Networks(R),
the pioneer in building and securing reliable networks, will assist
companies with blade deployment and implementation and enable secure
operational excellence in blade environments.

"With an increasing number of companies utilizing compact blade
servers as an alternative to rack-mounted units, vendors are coming
together to assist in the design and deployment of these
environments," said Aaron Davis, chief marketing officer at APC-MGE.
"The addition of Terascala and Force10 Networks to the BLADE READY
program continues to strengthen our vendor community and enables us
to provide an unparalleled knowledgebase in the area of blade server
environments. The BLADE READY program benefits vendors and consumers
alike by offering more efficient design and deployment of blade
server systems, ultimately resulting in cost savings in the data

The BLADE READY program unites vendors of complementary data center
infrastructure technologies to deliver comprehensive interoperable
products, solutions, and services for blade server environments.
Together, BLADE READY members help enterprises assess, design,
procure, stage, implement and interconnect blade servers and related
equipment. Members in this program include a group of strategic,
best-in-class hardware and software vendors that help enable
operational excellence and unsurpassed compatibility with blade
network environments.

"Terascala's Blade Cluster combines high performance, high density
storage and server blades in the same enclosure, with unprecedented
space, heat, and power efficiency to reduce data center and power
costs," said Larry Genovesi, president and CEO of Terascala, Inc.
"We're looking forward to working with the BLADE READY vendor
community to provide best-of-breed solutions that deliver true value
to organizations deploying mid- to large-scale Linux clusters."

American Power Conversion Corp. (APC)