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True Believer Plans iWarp Giveaway

The founder of now-defunct startup Ammasso is back with a new company, Open Grid Computing, and he plans to start giving away products next month to ease the strain on users' back-end storage.

Tom Tucker started up and served as CTO of Ammasso, which developed 1-Gbit/s iWarp (Internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol) adapters. (See Ohio Opts for iWarp and HP Verifies Ammasso Adapters.) iWarp essentially enables a computer or storage device to bypass the operating system when data is being transmitted, reducing the processing burden encountered when running Ethernet as a high-speed interconnect. Ammasso couldn't get the funding it needed to keep going and folded earlier this year. (See Component Startups at Crossroads.)

Undeterred, Tucker is trying another angle on the same space. Open Grid Computing, which is currently functioning as a consulting firm, is developing software to link high-speed interconnects with back-end storage.

"We're taking RDMA-capable transports like InfiniBand and iWarp [and] enabling Linux infrastructure software like NFS, RPC, and SCSI storage to use those transports," explains the exec, who founded his new startup in September of 2005.

The idea here is to help users speed up the performance of their storage servers, easing the strain on overburdened CPUs.

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