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Top 11 (Mis)uses for Flammable/Exploding Laptop Batteries

10) Use smoking laptop as a cover for smoking in the bathroom
9) Instant Grill for Tailgate parties

8) Use battery as the 'sun' in your child's solar system diorama
7) Cheap and legal fireworks for July 4th
6) Forget the electric blanket -- laptops keep the toes toasty (or toasted for that matter)
5) Car breakdown? Use battery as emergency flare
4) Mmmm, Campfire S'mores ala laptop
3) Dinner Party? Instant Hot Plate.
2) Carve a Face into Notebook -- You've got a Jack O' Laptop for Halloween
1) Freak out co-workers by running through hallways holding flaming laptop screaming, "I'm sorry God! I didn't mean to check out that porn site! I won't do it again!!!"

Thanks to Wayne Maurer, Henry Rohlfs, Victor Treat, Dwayne Auernheimer and the intrepid Gregory Mamayek for their submissions. Plenty of other fun can be found at the Last Mile Online.