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Top 11 Inventions in 2003

John Jamerson

: The long awaited cure for "Plumber's Crack": Crack Spackle at Duluth Trading Company.

jeff meadows

: A new WiFi access point - on board the Space Station. Now thats a WAN.

The all in one cell phone/pda/coffee maker and dv camcorder.

USB XM radio reciever. Just think, all the mp3's you can record for $5 a month without getting sued by the RIAA.

Pierre Beaulieu

: Paperless Toilet

Applying the Venturi physical principle to the unique design of the Handsfree Toilet (pending patent) bring us the paperless concept.

Beta tester already enjoyed the new product with a fresh and clean feeling they never experimented before.

However, we suspect that users may become obsessive and become toilet aholic!

All yours to experiment.

Lance Johnson

: Cisco and Charmin collaboration: Wireless Toilet Paper w/Packet Filtering.

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