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Time Flies...

It's already February and we haven't updated in a while, but we haven't been sitting idle.
NWC Inc. is running well with its new framework and is chugging along just fine. I'm working on a review of Enterprise Portal Systems right now within the infrastructure and that, too, is plugging along nicely.
Well, it has been going nicely until recently when everything seemed to fail during installation, but that's one of the things we have to do - struggle through and find the glitches so you don't have to.

Web Services Management software will be coming along soon, as well as mid-tier EAI solutions, which we'll be testing for use with NWC Inc. We'll see if we can once again get our shipping system hooked up to our order system.
I also had to restart the NWC Inc. Network camera - the logs show a lot of traffic that appears to be reminiscent of NIMDA. Not hurting the Axis, of course, since it's Linux based :-) but it is pushing a lot of traffic through the pipe.