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TEN Technology naviPlay Bluetooth Headphones

TEN Technology's naviPlay Bluetooth Stereo Headset for iPods has everything that iPod users seem to want. They're stylish, well-designed, sound great, feature some interesting new technology.

This Bluetooth headset for iPods also is noteworthy for a couple of other reasons. For one thing, this is among the first over-the-head Bluetooth headphones we've seen. More importantly, this system has the potential to interact with a lot of other Bluetooth devices, including phones. And, while pricey, these headphones sound quite excellent.

Plugging It In

Unlike many Bluetooth products that use a dongle that attaches either to a computer or to a media player or other device, naviPlay uses a special iPod docking system. It comes with adapters for all iPods except the Shuffle. To set the system up, you click the adapter to the dock and plug in the cable that came with the iPod into the back.

The cable charges both iPod and Bluetooth transmitter. In addition, you can synchronize the iPod while it's connected to the dock. Note, though, that this approach makes the headphones useful primarily only for listening to music played by the iPod. TEN is trying to work around that problem so that the headphones can be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices but, as will be discussed below, it hasn't yet fully succeeded.

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