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System Automation, SWsoft Team

HERNDON, Va. -- System Automation Corporation is using SWsoft Virtuozzo to save money, while providing a very flexible testing platform that is easy to convert into production for the government agencies that purchase its MyLicense Suite software. Now, it takes minutes to set up virtual environments, and the MyLicense software can be updated across virtual environments in a matter of minutes, which previously had been impossible.

System Automation develops MyLicense Suite software that is used by more than 400 government entities in 23 states to manage, for example, hunting and nursing licenses. The company is realizing cost savings of about $2,000 per server by replacing physical servers with virtual servers created with SWsoft Virtuozzo software.

System Automation is also saving money by reducing the time required to manage the virtual data center. A full-time administrator now spends only a quarter of their time managing the virtual environments by taking advantage of the Virtuozzo management tools function. Now, with Virtuozzo a change can be made and deployed across all of the virtual environments at once using the template function.

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