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Symantec Launches Clientless VPN Gateway Line

Symantec on Monday unveiled a clientless virtual private network (VPN) gateway designed for providing secure remote access to enterprise network via the Web.

The Symantec Clientless VPN Gateway 4400 series, fruit of last October's acquisition of SafeWeb, which sold its line of remote access appliances under the Tsunami brand name, targets companies that don't want the administrative headache of rolling out VPN clients to connect their outside-the-perimeter workers or partners to enterprise files and applications.

"SafeWeb had some momentum in the marketplace," said Howard Lev, product manager at Symantec, "and although we've discontinued the Tsunami line, we wanted to extend that momentum with our own stand-alone appliance." Symantec will try to move existing Tsunami customers over to its own family of VPN gateways, although it will continue support of the SafeWeb hardware.

In some ways, Symantec sees its gateways as a stop-gap measure, a way to get its foot in the door. Within a year, said Lev, the company will integrate the clientless VPN technology into its own Symantec Gateway Security appliance, which now provides firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus, content filtering, anti-spam, and IPsec-based VPN tools. Buyers of the Clientless VPN Gateway boxes will be offered an upgrade path to Symantec Gateway v3 when it releases, Lev promised.

When they ship Feb. 20, Symantec's Clientless VPN Gateway 4400 line will be composed of two models: the 1U-format 4420 and the 2U-sized 4460, which allow up to 350 and 1,000 concurrent VPN sessions, respectively.

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