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Survey: Skill Shortage Slowing RFID Adoption

Seventy five percent of business professionals think there's an insufficient skilled workforce to design and deploy radio frequency identification technology strategies, and 80 percent believe RFID adoption rates will suffer.

So reveals a study released Monday by trade organization Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) at RFID World 2006 in Dallas, Texas.

Hiring qualified workers and finding vendor support isn't easy, but there are other challenges as well, survey participants said.

Write-in comments reveal some survey participants were not familiar with RFID until taking the survey. Those who had lack experience in the technology. In fact, 43.8 percent report examining the technology, but not deployed projects; followed by 33.8 percent who said they haven't explored the technology. Only 15 percent have implemented one or more test projects.

Overcoming initial implementation hurdles appears the most daunting, according to 60 percent of survey respondents, and 58 percent said finding customers isn't easy. Half found training and education difficult. The minority, 8.6 percent, said they don't foresee any challenges.

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