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Survey Probes Storage Budgets

The worst is over. The cloud has lifted. IT managers are opening their wallets to spend this coming year.

So goes the latest financial scuttlebutt. But results from an online survey conducted for Byte and Switch Insider, this publication's subscription research service, hint that expectations may be a tad high.

The survey, sent out in December to a selected group of enterprise IT customers, shows that 49 percent of respondents think their 2004 network storage budgets will be "about the same" as their 2003 ones. Further, more than half of respondents -- 52 percent -- expect their 2005 network storage budgets to be the same as this year's.

This isn't to say respondents aren't planning to spend more. Roughly 41 percent say their current budgets are higher than last year's; 9 percent said they're lower. Full results will be available later this month.

In a survey of budget plans last year, taken in the midst of the worst downturn in IT history (see B&S Survey: Storage Budgets Up in 2003), a larger percentage of respondents (about 54 percent) told Byte and Switch their budgets for 2003 would be the same as 2002's; 35 said they'd be higher.

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