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Survey: Email Compliance Means Employee Surveillance

U.S., European, and Australian enterprises are so worried about compliance that they're increasingly hiring full-time folk to read employees' email.

And what they're looking for may surprise you.

Results of an online survey commissioned by Proofpoint, a vendor of email security and policy software, and conducted by Forrester Consulting show that 29 percent of 301 U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees employ staff to read or otherwise analyze outbound email; 38 percent of them perform regular audits on outbound corporate email. Fifteen percent employ staff whose primary or exclusive job is to read or otherwise analyze outbound email content.

A full 41 percent of companies in the same U.S. sample that have over 20,000 employees are reading outbound email.

The trend is even stronger in the U.K., where 38 percent of 32 enterprises reported reading or analyzing employee email and 53 percent are doing regular outbound email content audits.

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