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Sun Pre-Configures Warehouses

SAN FRANCISCO -- Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Inc., (Nasdaq:JAVA) today announced the availability of the Oracle Optimized Warehouse for Sun. The Oracle Optimized Warehouse for Sun is a complete, out-of-the-box, high-performance data warehouse solution built upon the world’s leading database and Sun's leading hardware and operating systems.

The solution, which will be sold by Sun, consists of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Partitioning on a Sun Fire(TM) E20K server, the Sun open source Solaris operating system (OS) and Sun StorageTek(TM) 6540 arrays. With all hardware and software components pre-installed, configured, optimized, and ready to run, the Oracle Optimized Warehouse for Sun is the fastest, simplest and lowest-risk way to buy and implement a data warehouse on Oracle and Sun technology.

The Oracle Optimized Warehouse for Sun announced today is sized for data warehouses containing 10TB of raw data. Future validated Oracle Optimized Warehouse configurations are planned to provide larger solutions through the use of modular building blocks.

This packaging delivers simplicity and speed of implementation along with the flexibility and power of the world’s leading database platform. Oracle’s advanced analytic and management capabilities combined with the power and reliability of Sun hardware make the Oracle Optimized Warehouse for Sun a compelling offering.

“The appeal of this pre-configured solution is simple: customers can have a fully functioning, optimized, scalable data warehouse up and running very quickly,” said Juan Carlos Soto. “And when that pre-configured solution includes Oracle Database and Sun's open source Solaris operating system, customers know they are getting a reliable, secure, powerhouse computing environment.”

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