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Startup Atrato Claims IOPS Breakthrough

Startup Atrato stepped out of stealth today with the launch of its V1000 disk array, which it is touting as the solution to users' spiraling data needs.

By packing the three-rack-unit-high array full of 2.5-inch laptop SATA drives, as opposed to traditional 3.5-inch storage drives, the vendor claims to offer an extremely high level of IOPs in random read/writes.

"You can get up to 50 Tbytes of raw capacity and in excess of 11,000 IOPs in the same space," says Dan McCormick, the vendor's founder and CEO, explaining that Atrato has also built its own software to manage these drives.

"We have the ability to get fully inside the drives and understand," adds the CEO, alluding to Atrato's Self-maintaining Array of Identical Disks (SAID) technology.

More precisely, this is a form of virtualization software which can reformat problem drives and also "remap" working parts of a failed drive, ensuring that data is still written to it.

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