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StarGen Wishes on ASI

Three years ago, StarGen Inc. was a bit player with a proprietary switch fabric. Today, the company is spearheading a standards push that's drawn the support of heavy hitters such as

The plan seems to be working, as it netted StarGen a $15 million funding round earlier this week (see StarGen Scores $15.5M).

StarGen has hitched itself to Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI), an emerging standard for chip-to-chip communications and backplanes. It's the backplane part that could be important to telecom, as ASI is among the switching options available for the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA). And ASI has applications elsewhere: Xyratex Ltd. (Nasdaq: XRTX), for example, plans to apply ASI to storage networking (see Xyratex Branches Out).

StarGen is taking an early lead in ASI, though, as the company came to Supercomm in June with what it claimed was the first example of ASI silicon (see StarGen Intros ASI Switch).

"The first-generation product development is funded and nearing completion. This round is to augment the software and the sales and marketing side -- especially sales," says Wade Appelman, StarGen's vice president of marketing.

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