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Spectra Logic Offers Leasing Program

BOULDER, Colo. -- In response to customer demand for flexible financing options for long-term storage investments, Spectra Logic is introducing Spectra Logic Financial Services, a leasing program to assist customers with limited budgets or uncertain data growth projections. IT organizations can now maintain an agility that keeps pace with the technology curve, gain the most from their current technology assets, and utilize a limited amount of budgetary resources all at the same time.

All of Spectra Logic’s tape and disk storage products, and even media are now available for lease, with up to 100 percent financing, and flexible payment timetables.

Benefits of Spectra Logic's lease program are customizable and include: deferred payment options; customized billing and reporting; delayed rent start, step or balloon payments; operating or capital leases; monthly or quarterly invoicing cycles; invoicing to single or multiple locations per lease schedule; partial purchase/extension/return; single location for all returns; month-to-month billing on a line item basis; detailed monthly reconciliation reporting per schedule and tech center repair capability to minimize end-of-lease charges.

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