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Sonnet Streamlines Workflow for Maday

IRVINE, Calif. -- Maday Productions, a Chicago-based video production and design firm, has streamlined its HD post-production workflow with the Sonnet Fusion D800RAID eight-drive desktop SATA storage system. Providing speed, capacity, and security in storing HD content, the 8TB Fusion D800RAID enables Maday editors to focus on their creative work rather than the performance of underlying technology.

"With the D800RAID, it's almost as though the storage system isn't there," said Jeremy Garchow, editor at Maday Productions. "We're not fighting it or getting errors or warnings; it just runs quietly and does its job. The 8TB capacity gives us immediate access to a lot of online projects, and as for speed, it can handle all that we throw at it and more. With Sonnet's reputation for quality enclosures and the RAID protection provided by the Sonnet RAID controller card, choosing the Fusion D800RAID was a no-brainer for us."

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